Course curriculum

  • 1

    Sexual Abuse Parameters

    • Sexual Abuse Video

    • Sexual Assault Definitions

    • Sexual Abuse

    • Sexual Abuse definitions and parameters

    • Rape Trauma Course

    • Why There’s No Such Thing as Sexual Addiction And Why It Really Matters

    • Anger

    • Sexual Abuse Case Study 1

    • Sexual Abuse Case Study 2

    • Life After Rape

  • 2

    Sexual Harassment

    • Me Too Sexual Harassment Movie

    • Workplace Harassment

    • Workplace Harassment Defined

    • Workplace Harassment Movie

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Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault are events which can be healed and stopped. Our Baby Steps for Adults program shows you the way to spot the effects of these traumatic events and how to combat them in the workplace and at home.. Join us today!

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